Welcome to Cirrus IoT

Cirrus IoT monitoring allows you to set up a complete monitoring solution in minutes. Our solution includes everything you need to get up and running quickly.


Getting Started

During this process we will cover:

  1. App Install & Sign-up
    Install app & create new account.
  2. Gateway & Sensor Setup
    Scan gateway & sensors to add them to your account.
  3. Alerts
    Review and adjust alert notifications for your devices.
  4. Automatic Reports
    Schedule a new Report to send us a Weekly Report for all devices at our Location.
  5. Sensor Maps
    Create a Sensor Map so that we can visualize the position and status of our Location’s devices.


Getting Started With Cirrus IoT

App Install & Sign-Up

To get started using the app, visit IoT in a Box from your desktop or mobile device. You can sign-up and continue directly in your browser, or install the app to your device. Click here for more information or to see this process in action.

Select Sign Up to begin creating a new account where you can then setup your company, locations and devices to be monitored.

 np_right_610363_000000.png After sign-up the Add Company process starts automatically. From there we can setup our first Company and Location that will be monitored.


Company Setup

To create your Company and first location, simply enter in the name and address information. Click here for more information on doing this, or to see it in action.


np_right_610363_000000.png After creating your Company, you will be taken into the Gateway & Sensor Setup process where you can add monitoring devices.


Gateway & Sensor Setup

To get started using the sensor hardware, simply scan the QR code on each gateway & sensor you are using.


np_lightbulb_1247022_000000.png If you prefer, you can manually enter the Gateway ID which is also found on this label. To do so, tap on Manually Enter Device ID.

np_lightbulb_1247022_000000.png If need help setting up your hardware, check out the Device Help section which includes information and videos showing you how to Setup or Reset each piece of hardware.

Congratulations! You now have everything set up to monitor your units, view the status of your first Devices at a Location, you will even receive Alerts for your sensor and you will get Daily reports on your devices.



During the scan & add process for your hardware, a default alert will automatically be added. Once enabled, these alerts will take care of automatically notifying you whenever your sensors detect a problem.

You can review or adjust these alert settings at any time from the Alerts screen.


More information on Editing and Tuning Emergency Alerts

How do I edit Alert Recipients?


Automatic Reports

After setting up your company and adding devices, you will be setup to automatically receive a daily report that summarizes the activity of your location. Additional report types are available and you can have as few or as many reports as you want.

You can review or adjust report settings from the Reports screen.

More info on Customizing Reports to select which Devices or Reading times to include



Sensor Maps

You can use the Sensor Map feature to visualize the placement of sensors on a Geographical map or using an image such as a floor plan of each location.

You can find these maps on the Sensor Map screen.


More information and see the Create New Sensor Map process in action