You can use Offline Alerts to get notified when a Device has not transmitted any data in a certain time period.

Create new Offline Alert

  1. To create an Offline alert for your device, expand the location menu and select Alerts.mceclip3.png
  2. Select Create Alert.
  3. In the Create Alert options, be sure to select Online/Offline in the Alert Type dropdown.
  4. You can then specify the time period for how long the device must be offline (no data points sent) and which Contacts should be notified. Contacts will receive notifications for both Offline events as well as when the device returns to an Online state.

np_right_610363_000000.png  After saving your alert, you can find a list of existing alerts by selecting the Offline Alerts section on the Alerts screen.


Create Alerts for multiple devices

If you have a number of devices that will have similar Offline alert settings, you can easily quickly set them up.

  1. Start creating a new Online/Offline alert (for more help refer to above steps), or you can edit an existing alert.
  2. Configure the Offline minutes setting and select which Contacts to notify - these same settings will be applied to all alerts you select in the next step.
  3. Expand the Apply settings to other devices option and select whichever devices you want this to also apply to.

    np_lightbulb_1247022_000000.png This will automatically create Offline Alerts for these devices, or if they exist already it will update their settings to match.
  4. Don't forget to select Save Alert at which point all of the devices you selected will be created/updated with Offline alerts.