The most common reason for missing readings is because the sensor cannot reach a gateway. Sensors will attempt to reach any gateway in range, but if there is interference or if the sensor is located at the far end of range for a gateway, you may experience missing readings.

Decoding Signal Strength

All signal strength values are negative numbers.  The closer they are to zero, the better.  Based on our experience in customer installs, here is a quick and dirty guide to signal strength:

  • 0 to -70 dBm:  Excellent, likely no missed readings
  • -71 to -90 dBm:  Good,  likely no missed readings
  • -91 to -100 dBm:  OK, occasional missed readings
  • -101 to -115 dBm:  Poor, you'll start to see groups of missed readings here
  • -116+:  You'll likely see larger amounts of missed readings here, and potentially the sensor will drop offline (3x missed readings in a row) for large periods of time

Additional Troubleshooting steps

Here are some additional tips on preventing missed readings:

  • For best coverage and redundancy we recommend using multiple Gateways at each facility being monitored. Having multiple gateways can help with both coverage and power issues experienced at your facility.
  • Try Resetting the sensor. Following the reset procedure should send a reading. You can use the mobile app or monitor using the dashboard to verify that the sensor reading is received successfully. Afterward, you should monitor the sensor to verify that over the course of an hour or two you do not have any missed readings. If you continue to experience missing readings, it is advisable to double-check for interference or gateway coverage issues.