1. First, verify that your Gateway device is powered on. You should see the power LED light red.
  2. Next, verify that your Gateway is connected to the Internet. You should see the Internet LED flashing on the gateway. You may also wish to:
    • Disconnect and reconnect the ethernet cabling to ensure a good connection.
    • Verify that your network and Internet connections are stable and working.
    • Verify the gateway can connect through your Firewall. In order to function properly, you will need to make sure that the gateway can connect on port 1700.
  3. Lastly, if it’s still offline, try power cycling the gateway:
    • Disconnect the power cable from the gateway.
    • Wait 5 seconds.
    • Reconnect the power to the gateway.
    • Your gateway device will power on and connect to the Internet. The gateway device will then be ready to use once again.